English Association Hub

Joe Moshenska and Hannah Crawforth (Reader in Early Modern Literature, King’s College London) are collaborating with the Dixons Academies Trust to workshop ways of incorporating creative practice in primary- and secondary-school teaching of literature. The EA Hub which they have formed aims to empower teachers by enriching their knowledge of early-modern texts and their rich landscape of allusions.

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Pedagogy Forum: Creative-Critical Pedagogy

Tuesday 30th April, 11am-12.30pm.

10 Merton Street Lecture Theatre, University College.

An edition of the Pedagogy Forum, co-organised with Nicholas Gaskill, in collaboration with Kate McLoughlin.


‘You can dance, sing, mime, show pictures, play sounds etc etc … but you can’t speak or play or display words.’

What happened when the six students on the MSt C-Course "Silences: Henry James to Now" in Hilary Term 2024 were challenged to give their class presentations using any means of communication except words?  Magnificently, they rose to the challenge, producing films, soundtracks, a computer game, tarot cards and an unclassifiable ten minutes involving eggshells, litter gathered from Port Meadow and calligraphy ink standing in for DDT.  Their work opens up new ways of thinking about texts, new ways of communicating about texts, new ways of engaging in textual criticism and new ways of being in the classroom.  This seminar showcases their creations.